Khabib Nurmagomedov aims for non-stop activity; wants three fights within 12 months

UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov is looking to remain active post his suspension. Rumors are flying that he’ll be taking on the interim champion, Dustin Porier on the Abu Dhabi card on 7th September this year. Then the plan is for Nurmagomedov to fight in December and again in April 2020, according to his manager Ali Abdelaziz.

“He gave me very specific instructions,” Abdelaziz told ESPN. “He said he wants to fight Sept. 7 and again in December. And if [former welterweight champion] George St-Pierre can figure things out with the UFC by April, that’s the deal. He would like that fight in April.”“The lightweight division has a lot of contenders, and we need to keep the division going,” Abdelaziz said. “Khabib has done this before. He fought [Edson Barboza], Al [Iaquinta] and Conor [McGregor] in less than one year [from December 2017 to October 2018]. If it can be Georges in April, he would love that fight. If not, it can be any contender.”

Mentioning Conor McGregor, Ali Abdelaziz said: “To be honest, Conor is going to have to go out there and fight somebody like Justin Gaethje, Tony Ferguson or Cowboy [Donald Cerrone],” Abdelaziz said. “He’s not a worthy enough opponent right now. That’s the feeling from all of us, as a team.”

The goal for Khabib right now is to remain active and keep the Lightweight division moving.

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