Jessica Andrade recalls her KO win at UFC 237 to become Champion!

In the main event of UFC 237, Jessica Andrade took the UFC strawweight title in truly amazing style, knocking out the champion Rose Namajunas with a huge slam and follow-up strikes.

At the post-fight press conference, Andrade provided a run through of the fight-ending scenario. She was initially worried that Rose had been hurt quite badly.

“I saw her lying there, that she was out, and I still landed two punches before the referee stepped in,” Andrade said (transcript via MMA Fighting). “But I hadn’t realized how serious it was. I got worried because we train to go in there and fight and everyone comes out okay. She woke up later and I relaxed, ‘Okay, I can celebrate for real now because she’s fine. Everything went fine, I didn’t kill her [laughs].’ I didn’t imagine that would happen.

“I believe the pile driver worked because she kept holding my arm and I think she was going for a submission, but since I took her too high and moved her over my head and threw her, there was no way, she fell on her face and went out immediately.”

Jessica also gave her thoughts on strawweight contenders, and mentioned wrestling specialist Tatiana Suarez as the one she thinks as most dangerous of all.

“I believe the most dangerous of them all is Tatiana,” Andrade said. “She has a great ground game. Even though I have a great jiu-jitsu, she’s an incredible grappler and I have to be careful with that. On the feet, I realized that it will be hard for anyone to knock me out, I have a solid chin and everything will be alright.

“We get damaged and cut, but it works in the end.”


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