Anderson ‘Spider’ Silva releases statement post UFC 237 loss

At UFC 237, Anderson Silva hoped to display a quality performance for his native Brazilian fans, facing a strong growing talent at middleweight in the face of Jared Cannonier. Unfortunately ‘The Spider’ was unable to deliver as planned. Series of heavy leg kicks from Cannonier resulted in a TKO and knee injury for Anderson Silva.

The legend has issued his first statement post UFC 237 on Instagram. The statement is in his mother tongue Portuguese, drafted with many metaphors.

See translation below.

“Speak my people.
ATE THE LIMIT … Pain is your friend …It shows that you’re not dead yet. They say that great symbols become great targets, perhaps … but the most important thing is not to get victimized if you fall, get up, get broken, no give up or think you can not because you lost a battle. The saying is one, I go to the end and the more I press but I will want to go to the end, there is nothing wild that feels sorry for itself, an old lion surrounded by hungry hyenas crazy to devour him and he yet he fights to the death without ever feeling sorry for himself, and will not be different with me !!!! Strength and Honor !!!”

– Anderson Silva on Instagram.

Anderson Silva has now lost 6 of his last 8 fights. Is it time, or past time, for him to hang up his gloves?

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