“Not Guilty” pleads Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson in recent Domestic violence case

Reports emerged earlier last week, that Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson had been arrested in a domestic violence case.

MMA Junkie later confirmed that, Rumble had pleaded not guilty in FL for a count of misdemeanor domestic battery. His ex-girlfriend told authorities that a ‘Rumble’ used a ‘football hold’ to pick her up and relocated he rto another room while in an argument with each other. Another Johnson admitted the act but denied trying to cause any harm. The police did not find any visible injuries on his ex-girlfriend.

His ex-girlfriend also stated that she was kicking ‘Rumble’ out the house and packing up his stuff during the argument… she “was scared due to his size and martial arts experience” and “upset” but unharmed, read the police report.