Conor McGregor believes flaws in his strategy led to his defeat against Khabib Nurmagomedov

Ever since losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov via submission in the fourth round of the five round lightweight championship fight at UFC 229, Conor McGregor has been burning with the desire to get revenge for the loss via a rematch.

Many argue the way the fight went, Khabib dominating Conor for the entirety of all four rounds and then getting the submission win, Conor does not deserve an immediate rematch. Most MMA pundits believe given an immediate rematch, the result will be the same as the first fight.

However, Conor McGregor continues to try make his case to earn the rematch through his words, rather than fighting an top ranked fighter in the division to truly earn the rematch.

In an interview with Tony Robbins, Conor McGregor expressed his grievance on the way the fight went and the flaws in his strategy leading up to the fight as well as during the fight. He believes with the lessons learned and some adjustments in his strategy, he can most definitely get the ‘W’ in the rematch.

Here’s what Conor said:

“My whole approach in that camp — the injuries, the non-commitment, even the game plan, the tactics — I attack, I am an attacker and my attack defends. In this camp, the entire focus was defend, defend. So every round we would start in the training, I’d have my back against the fence. I’d have my back on the floor. I would always put myself in a vulnerable position and as the camp went on, we just became defensive, defensive. That’s never been what I do.”

“It still irritates me to this day because the training partners I train with are heavy people. Like I said that Moldovan wrestler I broke my foot [against] is like a horse. He’s literally like a f*****g human horse and I’ve got an American Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion who trains with me, he was like 200 pounds. They’re big, big, boys but I was always on the defensive with them.”

 “Since the fight, I’ve gone back to training with them and I went with my internal dialogue. Not the external dialogue, the dialogue of ‘I can’t grapple with this man and he’s a Russian sambo guy and he’s wrestled bears since he was a kid’ and all this b*****t. That’s external. I let the external infiltrate my internal and it filtered into the fight. But after the bout, I went back and trained with these people and attacked and I mauled them.”

Conor McGregor speaking with Tony Robbins

Are these words enough to earn Conor McGregor the rematch?

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