“If Mike Perry can win two fights in a row, he’s getting an immediate title shot.” Says Colby Covington

Colby ‘Chaos’ Convington recently spoke on BJPenn.com Radio, and surprisingly spoke of Mike Perry, issuing him a challenge. Here’s what he had to say:

“If Mike Perry can win two fights in a row he’s getting an immediate title shot. I will defend my title against him. I know he can’t count to as high as two and I know he’s probably not going to win two fights row. If Mike Perry, that dumb motherf**king cousin f**ker, sheep lover, horse-face lover motherf**ker can win two fights in a row, Jason, he’s getting an immediate title shot. Winning two fights for a jobber who’s going to be fighting Indian casinos next year is going to be really tough for him. I don’t see it happening, but I wish him the best. I really do hope he wins another fight so I can literally break his jaw and send him packing. He’ll never fight again. I promise you that.”

“If they locked me in the octagon with him they’d probably give me assault afterwards,” he said. “I’d probably be in jail for assault because the dude, he’d be helpless in there against me. Literally, he’d be helpless. That’s just all it would be. He’d be helpless. He wouldn’t be able to do anything. He’d be so gassed out. He thought he was gassed out in one round against ‘Cowboy’ Olivera? Who the f**k is that guy? You’re talking about the cream of the crop [with me]. America’s champion. The best welterweight to ever grace the UFC. He has no shot, Jason. So, I’m hoping he can get on a two fight win streak so I could end his career.”

“One more and he’s getting fast tracked to the title, man. I’m going to give him his shot. Mike Perry win two fights in a row. Come on, buddy. I’m praying for you. I know you can’t count to two, but I hope you can win two fights in a row.”

Colby Convington speaking on BJPenn.com Radio