Alex Oliveira involved in multiple crimes, charged for Assault, Insult and Threat

G1 a Brazilian outlet has reported that UFC welterweight fighter, Alex Oliveira, is being investigated by the police after purportedly assaulting his ex-wife and riding his motorcycle with his infant son (5 month old) while drunk in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The report states the altercation supposedly began when Oliveira’s ex-wife with their infant son went to visit Alex Oliviera’s father’s house, where a drunk Alex Oliveira showed up and insisted to take his son for a ride on his motorcycle.

The baby’s mother and his ex-wife said no, to which Oliveira is accused of pulling her hair and hitting her in the face.

Police told G1 that Alex Oliveira broke the door of his father’s home where the situation took place and left along with his infant son.

Soon after, he stopped by his sister’s house, to drop off his son with her and left. When the account of what took place was given to G1, Alex Oliveira was still on the loose and not located by the police.

It has also been reported that on the same day Alex Oliviera allegedly initiated a fight with a security guard at a party, threatening  the security guard who went to the police to file a report against him.

The police is currently investigating both cases. Oliveira is charged for assault, insult and threat.

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