Cejudo defeating TJ Dillashaw “A Fluke” says Marlon Moraes

UFC flyweight champion, Henry Cejudo has record two amazing victories on his hands, most notable of his fights, a Knockout win over TJ Daliashaw and his defeat of Demetrios Johnson. Marlon Moraes’ considers Cejudo’s former victory against TJ Dillashaw a bit of a fluke.

While speaking on a fresh episode of MMA Junkie Radio, Moraes provided his view on Cejudo’s 28-man second defeat of TJ Dillashaw. In his statement, he believes that Dilsahaw has the technique to defeat Cejudo, but that Cejudo had things go his way on the night of the fight.

“We all got holes and matchups make champions and I think Henry Cejudo is a great matchup for me,” Marlon Moraes said. “I’m very confident in all I see him doing in the cage. Of course, he beat a legend, Demetrious Johnson. He beat, in my opinion, another guy that can be a legend in the future – T.J. Dillashaw, he’s a great martial artist.

“But we didn’t get to see much his last fight. I think T.J. got what you need to beat Henry. I think it was a fluke, it was just a matter (of) day. That was Henry’s day. But I worked hard. I’m well prepared for this fight. And I don’t want no flukes. I’m going out there. Perform, perform well and win. And leave no doubt who’s the best 135-pounder now.”

Marlon faces Cejudo is UFC 238 main event this Saturday where the UFC bantamweight strap would be on the line. The title was previously held by Dillashaw, he was strapped of the belt after recent test showed him positive for EPO.

Morales will look to win the UFC gold for the first time in his career, while Cejudo looks forward to joining pantheon of UFC stars to hold the title in two divisions simultaneously

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