“Henry Cejudo might be the guy that people actually care about”, “Nobody cared whatsoever about Demetrious Johnson.” says Dana White

Johnson, former UFC flyweight champ, is recognised as one of MMA’s ever recorded pound-for-pou d fighter, yet he was still criticized for not being a fighter that had the attraction of  fans.

Currently a member of ONE Championship, Johnson happened to be the most outstanding flightweight  from gates in the MMA between 2012 and 2018. For an unknown reason however, Johnson never got the approval of fans as a box-office draw worthy fighter, considering that his present pay-per-view percent are lower than some of the other UFC champs during his time.

Though Dana recognized Johnson’s professional skills, he still made mention of the fact that Jonhson’s skills did the have enough current to pull viewers to watch him fight.

“I had a guy who was completely dominant, every time he fought he was exciting and always went for the finish, but people didn’t care,” White told ESPN.com’s Brett Okamoto. “Nobody cared whatsoever about Demetrious Johnson.”

Ben Askren was replaced with Johnson by UFC and was sold to ONE Championship,despite his remarkable records in the UFC. This trade was as a result of his loss to Cejudo at UFC 227 .And presently White sees Cejudo as the fighter who would restore the image of UFC.

“Henry Cejudo might be the guy that people actually care about,” White said.

Johnson being the champion then happen to be White’s conviction for the problem the flyweight division had, which also led to loss of interest by fans. But on the other hand, with Cejudo as the champion, white has thoughts of keeping the 125lbs for another while. It seems like White believes the problem with the flyweight division was that Demetrious Johnson was the champion, which in turn disinterested fans. But with Cejudo as the champ, White appears to at least be open to the idea of keeping 125lbs around for a little longer.


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