“I feel like I’m the face of the UFC now” Henry ‘The Messenger’ Cejudo

In the main event of the piled UFC 238 fixture, last weekend, Cejudo gained the bantamweight strap after defeating Moraes, this has added to his record of accomplishments.

With this new record, Cejudo is one of the UFC’s most compelling champion as well as an exceptional fighter among other fighters in boxing.

If asked, Cejudo might just be the company’s present glory pillar, and he is in anticipation of moments when this would reflect in the company’s financial reward to him.

“I need to meet with Dana White, too. I need a meeting with him because I need heavyweight money,” Cejudo said at the UFC 238 post-fight press conference. “I feel like I’m the face of the UFC now and I want to get paid like one.”

“Dana has been great to me. He’s been really good. I have nothing bad to say but I want to make heavyweight money. I want to change this game.”

Cejudo, after defeating Moraes in a has asked for a bout with Dominick Cruz (former UFC champion) and Urijah Faber (Hall of Famer). He went on to say reason for this appeal is because both fighters are UFC legends, unlike Peter Yan and Aljamain Sterling who are just top contenders. 

“Because those are legends,” Cejudo said, explaining the reason for these callouts. “I want big fights. I’m on a legend rampage. That’s what I want. I’m a legend killer. I want big fights.

“Dominick Cruz, you guys wouldn’t like Dominick Cruz versus Henry Cejudo? Doesn’t that sound exciting?”

Its obvious Cejudo is seeking for bigger bouts and better paydays.

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