“I would really like to see Sage Northcutt retire” says Dana White

After a very long period of time spent in the UFC, Sage Northcutt has finally called ONE Championship his home. Sage’s first match in the ONE didn’t end up well, this was because he was interrupted 30 seconds into the match by the great Cosmo Alexandre, this event created an unfortunate moment for both Sage and his fans. Dana White during an interview session with Aaron Bronsteter of TSN, reacted to the turnout of Sage’s first match.

UFC boss’s choice? Sage should settle for a retirement from MMA.

“I would really like to see Sage Northcutt retire,” Dana White said. “I hope he does. (He’s a) good looking, charismatic kid, smart. He was an engineer, taking college to be an engineer. He’s got a lot going on in his life. This isn’t the sport for him. I don’t want to sound like I’m (expletive) all over the guy, because I really like the kid a lot, but this isn’t the sport for him. I would love to see him retire before he seriously gets hurt.”

“Yeah (I don’t think he’s good enough),” White added. “It’s not that the kid doesn’t have some talent. He does have some talent. This isn’t the sport for him. He needs to retire. Hopefully the people that surround him listen to what I’m saying and set this kid on another path in life, because he can literally do whatever he wants to do. He’s young, he’s smart. Some people have to fight. Sage Northcutt doesn’t have to fight.”

White went on to narrate the old times Sage had in the UFC, those times actually started when Sage was still a young boy.

“We took him in so young. We brought the kid in so young and tried to give him some fights to help build,” White said. “When I let guys go, I let guys go for a reason. If I think a guy has the potential to be the best in the world or is the best in the world, they’re not going anywhere no matter what number anyone throws at them. I’m going to keep what I believe to be the best guys in the world. And when I let you go, look back and see how many times I’ve been wrong when I let somebody go.”


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