Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise: Betting Odds are here

Justin Bieber on twitter, called out Tom Cruise to a celebrity high-profile super fight. This event got the whole of the entertainment world talking. The callout literally got into the MMA, this was because Bieber tagged President Dana in his tweet where he said he want to take on Tom Cruise in a fight at the Octagon.

An hour after the callout, McGregor responded to Bieber on twitter, telling the celebrity that both the sports and entertainment world welcomed the challenge and would in turn host the fight.

Although a large number of people still see the callout as a joke, bets are already being placed in preparation for the match.

Following updates from the BestFightOdds, William Hill has offered odds in respect to the bout between Bieber and Cruise. Cruise is topping the betting table with a 200, while Bieber comes behind with a 150.

Bieber with a 0-0 record happens to be the most popular musical artist on earth. He is knownfor his hit songs “Love Yoursel”and “Baby” and he presently is the best-selling pop artist in the entertainment world. For Best Dance Recording of his track “Where Are U Now”, Bieber won a Grammy Award.

Bieber, earlier this year announced that he was going to be off his music career for a while to pay attention to his mental health. But later announced that he would be releasing his fifth hit album towards the end of the year. Justin no experience or record in and on boxing not even in its smallest form, but has been known to have boxing trainings with Floyd Mayweather, whom he accompanied most of the time for his matches. So far no one has an idea how the match would look like.

Cruise with same 0-0 record as Bieber is one of the most know mover star in the world. Cruise who is of age 56, is well known for his roles in movies like: “Top Gun”, “Mission; Impossible”, “Rain Man” and “Jerry Maguire”. Cruise in the year 1990, won an Academy Award for his role in the movie “Born On The Fourth Of July”. Tom Cruise (0-0) is one of the most popular movie stars ever. The 56-year-old American is known for his roles in movies such as “Mission: Impossible,” “Top Gun,” “Rain Man,” and “Jerry Maguire.” He won an Academy Award in 1990 for his performance in “Born On The Fourth Of July.”  He also is the highest paid actor of all time, and is known for his high profile marriages to Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes and Mimi Rogers.

Most recently, Tom portrayed Ethan Hunt in ‘Mission; Impossible – Fallout” and he also is rehearsing in preparation for the release of “Top Gun: Marvick”. Cruise most recently portrayed Ethan Hunt in “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” and is currently in filming for “Top Gun: Maverick.”  Although approaching age 60, Cruise still keeps himself physically fit.  He also as Justin has experience in boxing, but in the year 1992 played a role in the movie “Far and Away”where he was involved in a bare-Knuckle match.

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