Khabib’s father Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov says Khabib is training for UFC 242

Khabib Nurmagomedov, UFC’s lightweight current champion has his next match scheduled for the 7th of September in Abu Dhabi — this is almost a sure event. But at the moment the identity of his opponent is still unknown to us.

Majority are of high expectations that “The Eagle” in the person of Nurmagomedov would be opposed by Dustin Poirier, but following Abdulmanan ,Nurmagomedov’s father, who said it wasn’t a certain event and this was because, two other opponents were still undergoing the process of consideration.

“There are three opponents in development,” Abdulmanap said in an interview with (transcribed by Karim Zidan of “There is Tony Ferguson, a rematch with Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. Khabib is preparing for any of them.”

This statement happens to be contrary to what was posted on Instagram by Nurmagomedov’s head coach at the American Kick boxing Academy,  Javier Mendez, who spoke about Nurmagomedov preparing for his forthcoming match with Poirier. Even at that, the UFC has not concluded on who would be having the match with Nurmagomedov. An the reason is well known to us, as Abdulmanan the father of the champion stated that the UFC is still inconclusive on whether to fix Ferguson or McGregor for the match.

Following Nurmagomedov’s record (27-0) he has been and still is up defeated in his fighting career his last match showed how McGregor defeated him by a fourth-round submission, in the month of October, at the UFC 229. Although McGregor hasn’t recorded any victories after that match, having a rematch with the champion Nurmagomedov would still be a match that would be recognized contentiously as the biggest match UFC can record. Ferguson, on the other hand is preparing his return to the Octagon by the end of this week at the UFC 238, when he battles with Donald Cerrone. As for the fighter Poirier, As for Poirier he is getting over the victory title he got as a result of the verdict win he had after his match with Max Holloway at UFC 236. Although Poirier deserves the next match title, it obvious to all that MMA is out to entertain, and all indications show that other opponents aside Poirier are still been considered in regards to Khabib’s forthcoming match.

If the selection of an opponent was at the mercies of Khabib’s father, he would completely go for Poirier as the next individual his son battles with in the Octagon.

“For me it would be logical to fight against Dustin Poirier,” Abdulmanap said.

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