Alex Volkanovski feels he can match both Holloway or Edgar

Alex Volkanovski is looking prepared mentally to challenge either Frankie Edgar or Max Holloway after the fight between the latter two.

Holloway faces Edgar on July 27 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at UFC 240 in what has been seen as one of the ferocious encounters in the featherweight title contention in June, but Volkanovski believes he is the perfect man to face the  

The Shellbahour-born Australian mixed martial artists in a recent interview with Radio, spoke about his prospects of gunning down Honolulu-born Holloway.

Volkanovski says he envisioned Edgar causing some major issues for his potential fighter but at the end, Holloway will edge him out of the fight.

 “I’m not the cocky type, but if Frankie gives Max problems, I’m going to be giving him serious problems,” Volkanovski said on the show. “Like I said, I think Max will always have not much on me, when it comes to match ups. When it comes to cardio, we know I don’t have a problem. When it comes to pace, we know that I don’t have a problem. When it comes to power, we know I got power, and we know I can wrestle. I ain’t no easy fight for anyone. For someone that has a style like Max, I think I’m a very bad matchup. I think Frankie could be a bad matchup, but it just depends on how he is. He hasn’t been fighting too much lately, and he isn’t getting any younger, so we’ll see.”

Many have seen Volkanovski as a serious threat for Holloway and believe the 30-year-old should have challenged Holloway before Edgar, but Volkanovski says regardless of who emerges between the two, he would swipe the featherweight belt from the champ.

 “I didn’t see it coming, but look, it is what it is,” he said of being snubbed on a title shot. “I’m not going to dwell too much on it.

“If anyone’s going to squeeze in a title shot in before me, I’m glad it’s Frankie, because he does deserve it. He’s a nice bloke; he’s a top guy. He’s been around. He’s been good for the sport for a long time, so good on him. Go do your thing. But I still want that belt by the end of the year. I’ve got my goals, and that’s another fight this year, and the belt before the year is out.”


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