Conor McGregor fight will be next for Anthony Pettis, says Pettis’s Manager

Anthony Pettis has his future scheduled for him as the fighter’s manager Abraham Kawa says his trainee’s next challenger will be Conor McGregor.

The former lightweight champion is set to face Nate Diaz at UFC 241 but Kawa insists their looking at comes next as he believes Diaz’s fight is no brainer for Pettis.

“Even Conor fighting Khabib (Nurmagomedov), I don’t think that’s the fight,” Kawa said toMMA Junkie. “I actually don’t want to see that fight right now. Maybe after a while, yes. But right now I think Conor vs. Anthony is the fight. I’m looking at it as (if) Anthony beats Nate, and I think Conor is next on the horizon.”

It is obvious Kawa’s ‘no brainer’ submission is easier said than done as Diaz will be a hard nut to crack for Pettis. The 34-year-old has seen off, among others, superstars in the ranks of McGregor, Donald Cerrone, and Gary Maynard.

So, given Pettis’ contention with the Irishman and staging his first comeback fight after some time, Kawa believes the fighter will give all his best to outsmart McGregor.

‘If Anthony does what he’s supposed to do, he will win’

“He has a following, he has a name, he’s one of the OG’s of the sport, and I take nothing away from Nate,” Kawa said. “To get Nate to get up in the morning and say that’s the dude I want to fight, I think we’re going to see fireworks.

“We’ve seen Anthony vs. ‘Cowboy’, and now we’ll see Anthony vs. Nate,” Kawa added. “They genuinely don’t like each other. They genuinely don’t see eye to eye, and they’re two guys that are going to come forward and throw. The better man is going to win, and I think if Anthony Pettis does what he’s supposed to do, he will win.”

“I think next in line should be Conor,” he said. “I don’t think there should be anyone else.”


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