Ex-trainer intended to blackmail him in leaked video, says Paulo Costa

Paulo Costa will face Yoel Romero as he is set to make a return to the Octagon at UFC 241. The Brazilian will be engaging in his first fight since he was forced to the sideline after suffering a USADA suspension six months ago.

The was suspended after a leaked video in which he was seen using IV’s after weigh-ins, a leak Costa said was done by his ex-trainer.

 “He was already identified and removed from the team,” Costa said in an interview with Ag. Fight. “This person tried to send it to several people. It’s a tragicomic situation. He hurt himself a lot because he was cut from the team. He was part of the team and betrayed not only my confidence but every fighter’s (confidence), I believe. I don’t know if a trainer can have the confidence of a fighter or a gym owner now because if he does that to one fighter, he’ll do to another. This guy has to be banned from the sport.”

However, Costa refused to name the trainer despite the huge allegation leveled against the anonymous trainer. However, he claims that he knows the reason the ex-trainer had to go that way to leak the video. Costa said his unnamed ex-trainer believed he was making a lot of money and so the easiest way was to blackmail him.

“He tried to use that short moment to hurt me and extort me with that video,” he added. “He said, ‘If you don’t give me this amount of money…’ That completely broke the confidence and I obviously didn’t even try to negotiate because I knew what I was doing.”

Costa said he had learnt his lesson and thought never to trust the wrong people or letting them get closer into his private closet. He believes he has the right team with him going into Romero’s fight.


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