Khabib Nurmagomedov outlines condition for Conor McGregor rematch … “He have to deserve, and that’s it”

UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov apparently lays the conditions that could earn his last contender Conor McGregor a rematch.

 Last October, Nurmagomedov submitted the former Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight and lightweight champion at UFC 229 in October. But, before any potential blockbuster can reoccur between the two, the champ insisted that the Irish mixed martial artist must deserve it. and that for him will depend largely on the level of performance he has shown.

“Have to deserve. I have to keep winning, he have to deserve, and that’s it,” Nurmagomedov told BT Sport. “It’s gonna happen. But right now, I’m not interested in this fight. For what? He tapped. If it was like we go all distance or if it was a close fight, maybe. But right now, I finished this business. If you want a new business, deserve this.”

Meanwhile, UFC President Dana White has been quite vocal about the possibility of a rematch between the boxing duo. The decision is not unconnected to the amount of cash records broken during the first fight. But, Nurmagomedov is aware the decision for a rematch does not lie in the mouth of Dana alone.

 “Right now, not only Dana make decision. I’m here, too,” Nurmagomedov said. “They have to listen to me. Because right now, I’m champion. And I know what I deserve, I know what opponents deserve. Right now, Dustin and Tony on the line. Other guys? Nobody deserve. Even if you talk about people who deserve, Conor is not on the list. He have to deserve.

“Last time he win, 2016. We talk about fight for the title, being best in the world. Please deserve. Come back and fight with someone and deserve this. No problem. But right now, a lot of tough and good opponents who have good win streak, they deserve.”


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