Pro Fighter picks for Aterm Lobov vs. Paulie Maignaggi, BKFC 6

Artem Lobov welcomes Paulie Malignaggi ahead of the bare Knuckle Fighting Championship taking place in BKFC on Saturday in the card’s main event., Artem Lobov welcomes Paulie Malignaggi.

Ahead of the memorable event, spoke with a number of BKFC 6 pro fighters to make their predictions for who wins the title. Results from the interview showed that Artem Lobov is favoured to carry the day.

According to Cody Stamann, UFC bantamweight, “I think everyone loses. But I think Paulie Malignaggi wins the fight.” However, Allen Crowder, UFC heavyweight differs in his thought. “They really hate each other. I think Paulie wins as he is actually a boxer has more talent than Lobov.”

“Man, I don’t see how Paulie can win this fight. Yeah, he is a good boxer, but he doesn’t have that dog in him. Artem isn’t the best but he can take punches and will keep moving forward. Artem is going to march him down, put him in a corner and punish him,” Eryk Anders, UFC light heavyweight says.

Chris Leben a BKFC fighter revealed that, “You box a brawler and you brawl a boxer. Artem needs to go forward and grab the back of his head and land the uppercuts. He can’t stand on the outside to Paulie cause he will lose there. Artem can’t outbox Paulie. That being said, his hands are suspect and doesn’t hit hard. I think Lobov can get Paulie inside on the ropes and punish him there and win the fight. So, I got Artem Lobov winning this fight.”

“Paulie knows how to fight with his hands and control the range. But, it is a bare-knuckle fight and anything can happen. I really wanted to watch this fight but it is the same day as mine. That being said, I think Paulie can get it done,” Renato Moicano, UFC featherweight predicted.

In his prediction, Joe Riggs picks Paulie ahead of Lobov. “I am a huge boxing fan. Paulie is one of the best technicians ever, but he has had a problem with his hands. I think he is 10 times as more skilled as a boxer than Lobov. If Paulie doesn’t break his hands, he will win the fight. Even if he does, he has the skill to not get touched and win no matter what. So Paulie.”


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