Rafael Lovato Jr takes the Middleweight throne post defeating Gegard Mousasi at Bellator London

MMA Community was agog on Saturday after a new middleweight champ emerged in Rafael Lovato Jr.

Lavato Jr. was crowned following a deserved victory earned over much touted Gegard Mousasai in Bellator London event.

Rafael Lovato Jr who entered the bout main event on the back of an incredible professional record of 9-0, won via majority decision. His previous 9-0 stats saw Lavator Jr record five wins under the promotional banner.

However, his contender Mousasi made his way into Saturday’s game on the back of 8-0 win streak, including wins over ferocious Vitor Belfort, Uriah Hall, Chris Weidman, Rafael Carvalho and Rory MacDonald.

The Bellator London main event world have ended in favour of Mousasi who dropped Lavato jr with a punch in the round four.

However, both fighters came close to clinching the title, but Mousais was unable to secure the finish.

Lavato Jr was able to do the finish and dropped Mousasi to the floor before he promptly took his back and locked in a body triangle.

However, despite coming under a number of nasty elbows, Mousasi survived but could not hear beyond the final horn which came after round five.

A five-round difficult action between the two men ended with the judges’ verdict, with two of the judges rulling 48-47 in favour of Lavato Jr. only one judge ruled 47-47 draw. From that, majority decision won the fight for the challenger who now became the new middleweight champion.


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