Ben Askren responds to ‘sick and disturbing’ comments from Jorge Masvidal

Ben Askren has responded to the ‘sick and disturbing’ the recent remarks Jorge Masvidal made about his family bloodline.

Aksren while discussing why he believes Masvidal was conspicuously absent at two UFC 239 press day, wasted no time in firing back at his opponent who will be fighting at UFC 239.

Masvidal has missed a couple of the UFC 239 press events, but Askren said his is convinced that ‘Gamebreds’ absence is due to a latent anger he is nursing against him. He believes the anger will consume his opponent negatively when the two fighters meet in their upcoming fight. 

‘He knows in a battle of words, it’s going to get ugly for him. We talked about it earlier how he has this insane amount of dislike. He said something fucking ridiculous last week about how he wants to end my bloodline which I thought was hilarious because I already have three kids. Unless you plan on murdering the rest of my family which is pretty sick and disturbing, you’re not gonna end my bloodline Jorge ‘cos I have three children.’

Masvidal had during a press conference with CBS Sports’ State of Combat podcast, remarked that he would drop Askren to the point that his ‘bloodline doesn’t reproduce’. 

 “I just want to f— him up. I don’t think anything of him,” Masvidal said. “I’m going to make sure his bloodline doesn’t reproduce or nothing after July 6. Extinction of the Aksren blood by the Masvidal blood.”

However, Askren responded with a comment that suggests he is ahead of his opponent.

 ‘When you say stuff that is as crazy as that is, it’s so obvious that I’m under your skin.  I make you upset, and you can’t even verbalize why I make you upset. You know if we come in contact again, that’s only going to get worse. It going to get worse and worse and worse. And generally speaking, a high majority of the time, people who are that angry fight very poorly.’ ‘I think I’m very far in his head and under his skin,’ he said.


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