Holly Holm believes Nunes not the GOAT until she defeats her at UFC 239

Holly Holm believes Brazilian superstar UFC fighter and ‘champ champ’ Amanda Nunes is a great fighter but has a record missing in her ranks to be named the GOAT of women fighters.

The New Mexico native, Holly Holm was unable to defend the 135-pound title as she was choked out by Miesha Tate, after she won the title by way of a sensational KO victory over ‘Rowdy’.

On the other side, ‘The Lioness’ Nunes became the first women’s ‘champ champ’ in the history of UFC, after dropping Cris Cyborg at UFC 232.

Despite the victories for Nunes, her opponent Holm believes that the former has a long way to go before she can be proclaimed the best women fighter of all time. As per Holm, Nunes can only claim to be the GOAT if she’s able to defeat her.

 “In order to have two belts in two different divisions, you have to be a special something,” Holm said to MMA Junkie. “But she hasn’t faced Holly and that’s the bottom line.

“This is a whole different fight,” Holly Holm continued. “Is she great? Yes. Am I up against a great fighter? Yeah. It wouldn’t be a big expectant title fight, she wouldn’t be where she’s at if she hadn’t done great things. So yes, it’s a very big fight but I’m ready for it I’ve been training my butt off and that’s what I’m doing. I’m working for a win.”

Holm’s losses to the hands of Valentina Shevchenko and Cris Cyborg have proven to be her nemesis. She is believed to be below Nunes who knocked out those two.

It is believed that Holm’s clash with Nunes will be an easy win for the latter. But Holm isn’t buying into any of those insinuations, insisting she is confident her style will be capable enough to drop the champ champ.

 “When you go out for a slugfest, anybody who lands that is going to go down,” Holm said. “Every fight makes a difference, the Cyborg and my fight is different than the fight between Amanda and Cyborg. You can look at things in a lot of different ways. You can look at something like Shevchenko and Nunes where Shevchenko gave her a hard time where she was so technical.

“And then you look at someone like Cyborg, Shevchenko is a champ at 125 and Cyborg is champ at 145 and (Nunes and Shevchenko) fought at 135,” Holly Holm continued. “And you know Amanda is knocking out the bigger one and having a hard time with the lighter one. So you can’t ever look at a fight and be like oh, she did this in that fight so she’s going to do that to me. Every fighter has a different style and nobody is the same. I’m not Cyborg, I’m not Shevchenko, I’m Holly Holm.”


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