Daniel Cormier applauds Jon Jones after his win at UFC 285 by saying that “Jones doesn’t look like the same guy.”

At UFC 285, two new champions were crowned last Saturday and it was an unforgettable event. After a three-year absence from the octagon, the former two-time light heavyweight champion and legendary fighter Jones made his long-awaited heavyweight debut, and it seemed like he was in top form. In just two minutes and four seconds, Jones submitted Ciryl Gane with a first-round guillotine, wasting no time.

Jones, like his old rival Cormier, has now won UFC gold in two weight classes and he never doubted that this would be his reality at the end of UFC 285. Cormier, who is on better terms with Jones now, was still surprised like most people by how easy Jones made things look in his octagon return.

According to Cormier, “Jon Jones is the heavyweight champion of the world in a way that not many expected. All week Jon Jones spoke about how easy this fight could be and nobody wanted to believe it. I know I didn’t.”

Jones dominated the fight, despite receiving a low blow just nine seconds into the clash from Gane. He called for heavyweight’s arguable all-time best fighter Stipe Miocic, and UFC President Dana White says that’s the plan next.

Jones was impressive, but it wasn’t much time for him to get his feet back under himself, and he admitted this in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. Although Jones seems to be still adjusting to his new body after bulking up, he is still as dangerous as ever.

According to Cormier, “Jones doesn’t look like the same guy in the octagon. He’s a tad bit slower, his movements aren’t as quick and dynamic, but that’s what you expect for a guy that puts on that much weight. But when he went out there he seemed to be having a good time.”

Overall, Jones’s performance was outstanding, and he did exactly what he said he was going to do by winning the fight impressively. Cormier had nothing but respect for Jones, and hats off to him for his incredible win.

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