Chris Weidman struggled to hold back tears after his grappling match, which marked his first competition since suffering a gruesome broken leg in a UFC fight last year

Chris Weidman returned to competition for the first time since his gruesome broken leg in April 2021, taking part in a grappling match against Owen Livesey at Polaris 23.

Although Weidman lost the decision, he was emotional after the match, saying that the most important thing was being able to compete again.

He thanked his supporters and even the haters for motivating him to prove them wrong in his next UFC fight. The match was a battle of takedowns, and Livesey’s trips and judo throws were the difference in scoring.

Weidman acknowledged that he underestimated Livesey’s strength and his confidence level in the upper body, but he was mostly happy with his showing after nearly two years on the shelf.

He will now move forward toward his goal of returning to the UFC, but his next fight hasn’t been scheduled yet.

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