Video: After a series of wild grappling exchanges, Nikita Krylov secured a victory over Ryan Spann by finishing him with a triangle choke.

Nikita Krylov redeemed himself with a triangle choke submission victory over Ryan Spann at UFC Las Vegas after their fight was postponed two weeks earlier due to Krylov’s illness.The catchweight fight showcased a thrilling grappling match with both fighters exchanging wild moves.

Krylov slipped off Spann’s back but transitioned into a triangle choke, forcing Spann to tap out at 3:38 of the first round.“I hope everyone enjoyed the fight,” Krylov said after the win.

“Now, I need to focus on resting and healing my body. If the UFC likes my fighting style, I’m ready for a contender fight.”Early in the fight, Spann had Krylov in a tight D’arce choke and then a guillotine choke, but Krylov persevered and eventually escaped.

The fighters continued grappling with crazy exchanges on the canvas, and Krylov eventually took Spann’s back, but lost it quickly. However, he immediately applied the triangle choke, ending the fight.Krylov’s victory marked his third consecutive win, cementing his reputation as one of the toughest light heavyweight fighters in the division.

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