Tom Aspinall confused, in dismay at a death threat received from Conor McGregor

Despite Conor McGregor’s attempt to target his sponsor, Gym King, UFC heavyweight Tom Aspinall is still under their sponsorship.

Aspinall has been focused on his return to the cage after recovering from a severe knee injury, and has no interest in starting fights with other fighters. As a result, he was bewildered by McGregor’s recent angry outburst towards him, which included a death threat.

Aspinall, who weighs 277 pounds in the off-season and has recently undergone three USADA tests, expressed that he has great respect for McGregor and would never disrespect him or anyone else.

He added that he has no intention of starting a feud with anyone outside of his division and that his comment about McGregor’s fight with Michael Chandler not being at the top of his excitement list was not meant as disrespect.

McGregor has a history of reacting strongly to perceived slights, and it is possible that Aspinall was simply the latest target of his ire. When Aspinall initially saw McGregor’s tweets, he was unsure if they were real.

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