According to Justin Gaethje, he is the most thrilling fighter to ever enter the octagon in the history of MMA

Justin Gaethje has cemented his position as one of the most electrifying fighters in MMA with 10 performance bonuses, including six “Fight of the Night” accolades, and a pair of “Fight of the Year” awards.

However, he maintains that his reputation extends beyond just being an exciting fighter, and he firmly believes that he is the undisputed king of thrilling MMA battles.

Gaethje’s fights are always highly anticipated, regardless of his place on the card, as he frequently participates in headline-grabbing events.

Gaethje’s most recent “Fight of the Year” award was earned during a thrilling pay-per-view opener against Michael Chandler.

Despite his All-American wrestling background at the University of Northern Colorado, Gaethje prefers to stay on his feet during fights and avoid grappling with opponents.

The reason for his preference for stand-up battles is unclear, but it likely stems from his wrestling background, where he experienced a similar phenomenon.

Gaethje admits that he doesn’t usually remember specific moments from his fights because he is too busy exchanging blows with his opponents.

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