Demian Maia, the former UFC title contender, prepared for his commentary role with UFC Fight Pass Brazil by commentating on 1,000 archived fights, despite considering himself a novice in the field

Demian Maia is not hanging up his gloves just yet, as he’s still hoping for one last chance to compete in the octagon before calling it quits. While he waits for that opportunity, the former two-time UFC title contender is keeping busy with other ventures.

Maia is still active in jiu-jitsu, having racked up three straight victories in the past 10 months over the likes of Ben Henderson, Alex Oliveira, and Sangwook Kim. In addition to his grappling pursuits, Maia also travels around the world to teach seminars.

When he’s not busy with either of those activities, he works as a color commentator for UFC Fight Pass in Brazil.

Despite his extensive experience as a fighter, Maia emphasizes that his commentary work is an ongoing learning experience. “Just like in fighting, you train and get better,” he explained during a recent episode of the MMA Fighting podcast Trocação Franca.

“People have the impression that since you’re a fighter, you know all the fighters and watch all the fighters. But this [UFC Fight Pass Brazil] project started six months ago, and we did the archive of past fights. We did 1,000 fights, with Rodrigo and Roman Laurito commentating and Ivan Bruno calling the fights.”

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