PFL Europe’s Dakota Ditcheva was unsurprised by her submission victory, despite many being taken aback.

Dakota Ditcheva’s victory via submission at PFL Europe 1 did not come as a surprise to her. As a professional MMA fighter with an 8-0 record, Ditcheva is well-versed in ground game, despite coming from a Muai Thai background. MMA fans may have been taken aback by her performance, but Ditcheva and her team knew better. “I’m not” she affirmed. “I work hard on my ground game. I love it.” However, having had great success with her stand-up strikes, Ditcheva has not always needed to utilize her wrestling or ground game. Her submission victory was a reminder that she possesses these skills and that her opponents should not underestimate her in that regard.

Since making her pro MMA debut in April 2021, Ditcheva has amassed an impressive record, going 3-0 in the PFL. Her success in the promotion has solidified her place in the MMA world. Although the European boxing scene is gaining traction, Ditcheva does not seem particularly keen on making the transition.

Ditcheva is an expert at using her elbows and kicks, and these techniques are integral to her striking game. As a result, she doubts she would get the same level of satisfaction from fighting in a boxing ring as she does in MMA. Notably, she expressed an interest in returning to Thai boxing instead of pursuing a career in boxing.

In conclusion, Dakota Ditcheva’s victory at PFL Europe 1 was a testament to her skills as an MMA fighter. Her proficiency in ground game complements her strong striking abilities, making her a formidable opponent in the ring. It remains to be seen whether she will gravitate towards other combat sports in the future, but for now, Ditcheva seems content with her success in the world of MMA.


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