Paddy Pimblett acknowledges Jared Gordon bout was challenging but dismisses rumors of UFC bias.

Paddy Pimblett has since acknowledged that his win against Jared Gordon at UFC 282 was more competitive than he had initially thought. Speaking to Bleacher Report earlier this week, Pimblett stated that he thought he won the fight with a round score of two to one in his favor initially, but watching the fight back made him realize that it was much closer than he initially thought. He clarifies that he never dominated the fight and the only clear round was the second, which he won. Pimblett still believes that he won the fight fair and square.

Initially, he expressed frustration and confusion at the outcry that followed the fight. He even argued with UFC commentator Dominick Cruz after the fight and dismissed any criticism of the outcome as an attempt by people to hate on him. In February, he also rallied against veteran MMA voices Joe Rogan and Nate Diaz for stating their belief that Gordon should have won the bout.

Pimblett admitted during an interview that he thinks a rematch with Gordon would be exciting for fans. During a video shot from his hospital bed following ankle surgery, he challenged Gordon to a rematch in late 2023. However, Gordon is currently scheduled to fight Bobby Green on April 22 at UFC Vegas 72.

Pimblett is looking to return to the cage at the end of 2023 after his wedding and honeymoon with his fiancée, Laura Gregory. He said that if the fight against Gordon is one the UFC would like to see again, he is happy to oblige. There is no favoritism towards him by the judges or the UFC, despite rumors to the contrary. In concluding his comments, Pimblett stated, “I thought I won, and a lot of people in the crowd thought I won. When I’ve spoken to people, a lot have shared that, with the commentary and stuff, people thought that Jared Gordon won. But, when they watched it back without the commentary, they thought I won.”


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