Conor McGregor

Gilbert Burns believes Conor McGregor will only bring monetary benefits to the welterweight champion

Gilbert Burns, a UFC fighter, shared that Conor McGregor tends to get what he wants. Burns cited McGregor’s request for two training partners to be added to The Ultimate Fighter at the expense of two other athletes who were already picked, including Burns’ teammate Loik Radzhabov. While Radzhabov did not get to compete, he was signed directly to the UFC roster after a short-notice opportunity to compete at UFC 285. Burns initially expressed anger over McGregor’s actions but understood that McGregor’s demands were met as a condition to have him as coach.

Burns wished that the situation had been handled better. McGregor is set to fight Michael Chandler at 170 pounds, and McGregor recently expressed that he would like a shot at welterweight gold if he gets past Chandler later this year. Burns believes that McGregor will not be able to beat any top 5 fighters at 170 pounds and that whoever fights him in the top 5 will finish him inside of three rounds. Burns agrees that the McGregor vs Chandler fight will likely be a toss-up between two fighters who have unbelievable finishing power. Burns is rooting for Chandler to win but is well aware of the dangers that McGregor poses.


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