McGregor responds to Gaethje’s remarks labeling him as ‘braindead’ regarding not receiving a UFC title shot

Professional fighter Conor McGregor has expressed his dissatisfaction with fellow lightweight competitor Justin Gaethje. Following Gaethje’s recent victory over Rafael Fiziev at UFC 286, which earned him a position among the top five lightweight fighters, he is now potentially just one win away from contending for the title. However, McGregor’s scheduled return to the octagon against Michael Chandler later this year may result in him bypassing Gaethje for a title shot, leading Gaethje to state that he may retire if this happens.

McGregor responded to Gaethje’s comments by calling him a “bird brain” who received a title shot after only one win against Chandler. Despite being one of the biggest names in MMA, McGregor has encountered a bumpy ride during his MMA career post-winning the lightweight championship in 2016.

McGregor has since managed only one victory, a fight against Donald Cerrone in 2020, and has lost three matches, including two against Dustin Poirier, the latter of which ended with McGregor fracturing his leg in the first round. Currently in recovery, McGregor is anticipated to face Chandler later in the year.


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