Roy Jones Jr. won’t fight anymore, but he couldn’t resist Anthony Pettis’ challenge to fight

Roy Jones Jr., the former multi-division boxing champion, had believed his fighting days were behind him. However, upon hearing that former UFC champion Anthony Pettis was interested in a crossover fight, Jones couldn’t resist. Although Jones initially wanted to fight Anderson Silva, the fight never materialized, and he had become disheartened with the idea of boxing. Then Pettis expressed his interest, and Jones couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Jones credits himself as the one who sparked the trend of MMA fighters crossing over to boxing, as he initially pursued a fight against Silva, the-then UFC middleweight champion. While he is enjoying the preparations for the Pettis fight, Jones is clear that this is a one-time affair, with no plans for any future fights in either sport.

Jones should be the favorite on paper, with immense experience on his side; however, he knows that Pettis is preparing himself seriously for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The last thing Jones wants is to be embarrassed in what could be his final appearance in the boxing ring.

Jones believes in Pettis’s boxing abilities and knows that he is serious about this fight. Pettis wants to cash in on this crossover fight trend, inspired by Jake Paul’s success, and move on to bigger and better things. Jones is taking Pettis seriously and is not relying on his experience alone to win the fight. While he listened to his heart and grabbed the chance to fight Pettis, Jones knows the fight is crucial for Pettis’s future, and he expects a tough challenge.


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