Bryce Meredith, a 3-time All-American wrestler, is willing to pursue a quick route similar to Bo Nickal, but only if certain conditions are met

Bryce Meredith, a highly-regarded wrestler and MMA fighter, has set his sights high for his professional career, but recognizes that his path may not be the same as his long-time friend, Bo Nickal. They did not attend college together, Nickal is like a brother to Meredith, who admires Nickal’s rapid rise in the industry, despite it not being the norm for even the most talented athletes. Although it is exhilarating to see such fast success, Meredith acknowledges that this level of success comes with a great deal of pressure, and has discussed this with Nickal.

Enthused to make his debut with Bellator at 135 pounds, Meredith will fight in the preliminary card, a good opportunity for him to gain experience gradually, rather than jumping into the deep end. Meredith trains alongside UFC fighters and is confident in his abilities, but understands that there is a lot to be learned about the game, something that can only be discovered through experience inside the cage.

Meredith would like to take the fast track up the ranks, he won’t do so for low compensation, as he is well aware that it comes with greater risk. He knows that his career is a marathon, not a sprint, and that he has time to make his way to the top.


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