Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier opens up about the positive memories he shared with Jon Jones, recognizing his good side

The historic rivalry between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones has come to an end, with both fighters moving on to other aspects of their careers. As two of the top MMA fighters of all time, their legacies are intertwined, with their stories often intersecting throughout their careers. The tension between them reached a boiling point, leading to death threats, outside-the-octagon brawls, and dramatic moments that often seemed too scripted to be real.

In 2023, Cormier has retired from fighting and now serves as a UFC color commentator, while Jones has returned from his three-year hiatus to win his second title in a new division, heavyweight, by submitting Ciryl Gane in just over two minutes at UFC 285.

The hatchet appeared to be buried on Jones’ end of things, but Cormier’s reaction during the fight, which was captured on camera, made Jones question whether the tension was still there. Although Cormier admitted that the reaction was genuine, he maintains that their rivalry is truly over.

Despite their feud, the two fighters have respect for one another, and have even exchanged condolences over the loss of family members. Cormier stated that he believes there is good in Jones and that nobody is without fault, and he hopes to someday sit down with Jones to truly bury the hatchet. Although their rivalry was intense, it elevated both fighters’ careers and made them legends in their own right.


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