Bellator’s Scott Coker anticipates Cris Cyborg’s comeback in 2023 and plans to schedule her fight versus Cat Zingano for the championship belt

Bellator President Scott Coker has shed some light on recent confusion regarding Cat Zingano and Leah McCourt’s co-main event fight at Bellator 293. Zingano previously stated that she believed the fight was for a vacant title, a claim that Coker says was never true. According to Coker, the fight was always intended to be a three-round elimination bout for the No. 1 contender spot, with the featherweight title still belonging to Cris Cyborg. Despite currently being a free agent, Coker is negotiating with Cyborg and hopes to bring her back for a title defense later this year.

Zingano was victorious over McCourt, but even before the fight, there was confusion over the true stakes of the bout. However, Coker commended Zingano’s performance and expressed his desire to see a rematch in the future. As for the featherweight title, Coker reiterated that it was never vacated and that he has no idea why Zingano believed the fight could have been for the belt.

Zingano herself spoke to the media after the fight, confirming that she had been under the impression that it was a vacant title bout. Despite winning the fight, Zingano is not certain of her status within the company and awaits Bellator’s next move.

Overall, it is clear that there was some miscommunication regarding the stakes of the fight between Zingano and McCourt. However, Coker aims to clarify the situation and bring Cyborg back for a title defense in the near future. Zingano, meanwhile, remains uncertain of her standing within the company but is hopeful for more opportunities in the future.


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