Darren Till is ready for his next challenge in boxing and believes he could easily defeat Logan Paul and Tommy Fury with ease

After Darren Till requested and received his release from the UFC, he has been discussing potential moves. He believes that boxing is his likely next career move. Till has not entirely rejected the idea of another MMA organization, but he feels that it might not be the best option for his career after declaring his interest in boxing.

Currently, the PFL is among the latest potential suitors for Till, having already offered him a lucrative deal. Other offers from ONE and Bellator have also come his way, but Till’s focus is on money-making opportunities.

If Till chooses boxing, he is interested in whoever offers him the most money. He has already mentioned Logan Paul as a potential opponent, but he is also aware that Paul has many other commitments to fulfill – such as professional wrestling and his non-alcoholic beverage brand, Prime.

Tommy Fury, on the other hand, is a potential opponent that Till might face in the future. Fury won a split decision over Jake Paul, the brother of Logan Paul, in his latest bout. There is still the possibility of Jake Paul securing an immediate rematch, but Till is confident that he can defeat Tyson Fury’s younger brother in the ring.

Till teased the public that an announcement will be made about his career in the coming weeks, but, as of writing, he is still looking for the best opportunity. Ultimately, Till’s focus is on whoever offers him the most significant financial incentive.


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