Fight Circus 6 Showcase

“Fight Circus 6 Showcase”: Bob Sapp and Rampage Jackson emerge victorious in a thrilling Siamese boxing bout, while another fighter dominates a 2 vs. 1 match by unleashing a series of powerbombs

Saturday was the epitome of a combat sports extravaganza, with various events taking place. However, none of them could compare to the sheer lunacy presented by the most recent installment of Fight Circus. The event left viewers reeling with excitement and anticipation.

The much-anticipated Fight Circus 6 unfolded on Saturday night, exclusively available on FITE. In the main event, Quinton Jackson, the former UFC light heavyweight champion, and fellow PRIDE veteran Bob Sapp joined forces to engage in an outrageous Siamese boxing match against the event’s host, Jon Nutt, and his partner Woody. As predicted, the fight derailed from the opening bell.

During the first round, “Rampage” and Sapp unleashed a vicious punch, sending one of their opponents flying out of the ring. The second round heightened the madness, with referees trying to separate the fighters, but Jackson and Sapp struck some of the officials with their boxing gloves. One of the referees, enraged by the unguarded blows, took down Jackson, and the brawl evolved into sheer pandemonium.

In a thrilling finale, Jackson and Sapp secured an incredible victory through a third-round TKO. However, the excitement did not end there. Before the main event, a round of “Musical Chairs of Doom” took place.

The competitors’ matchups depended on their placement, and the third and fourth place participants engaged in a 2 vs. 1 “MMA-symmetrical” fight against Walter John Veale. In under a minute, Veale power-bombed both of his opponents, and the fight was stopped, displaying a befitting tribute to WrestleMania 39 weekend.


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