Jorge Masvidal against Jake Paul

Jorge Masvidal has lost interest in a future match against Jake Paul, citing that he lacks popularity

Any possibility of a future boxing match between Jorge Masvidal and Jake Paul has dissipated following Paul’s first loss in his career. Paul has had a unique career as a pro boxer, having defeated several MMA fighters, including Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley (twice), and Anderson Silva, before tasting defeat against Tommy Fury. Despite the setback, Paul remains interested in fighting opponents with an MMA background, including Masvidal. However, Masvidal has lost interest in fighting Paul, stating that there was never any real chance of them fighting, especially now that he has a fight against Gilbert Burns in UFC 287 this Saturday.

Masvidal may also be considering retiring from MMA should he suffer his fourth straight loss, which could lead to a UFC departure. The possibility of fighting Paul in an MMA ring also seems unlikely, as Masvidal believes that Paul does not have a strong fan base and does not bring in any valuable prize money for a fight. Masvidal is looking to fight the best in the world or make the most money, neither of which Paul is capable of providing. In other news, the UFC and WWE are in the process of merging, and there are hints of retirement and spine injury in other fighters.


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