Kayla Harrison uncertain about future, hopes to avoid one-year hiatus, leaving fate to higher power

After suffering a surprising loss to Larissa Pacheco last November, Kayla Harrison abandoned her plans for the upcoming year. Despite her intention to fight individually, the two-time Olympic gold medalist was scheduled to compete in her third season for the PFL. However, the taxing tournament, which involved fighting four times over approximately seven months, was a lot for her mind and body.

Following the announcement of more pay-per-view cards starting in 2023, Harrison was eager to pursue one-on-one matches but had not planned on losing a match. After being beaten by Pacheco, Harrison considered competing in the season again, but ultimately decided against it since it was not the plan for her. She was grateful for the time off and quiet continuance of preparations, which was a change from her usual training routine.

If Harrison had won against Pacheco, the matchup would not have had the same appeal as the previous two victories. However, Pacheco’s victory provided an ideal storyline for a fourth match and an effortless matchup to market for a future pay-per-view. But Pacheco entered the 2023 PFL season at featherweight, and noted that she does not anticipate a rematch with Harrison to occur this year.

Harrison continues to wait for another fight, uncertain about her future and with no real answers about plans regarding her next opponent. Harrison hopes to fight at least once in 2023, but she has no direction about future plans.

Despite the uncertainty about Pacheco, Harrison bears no ill will towards her former opponent for entering another season. Pacheco revealed that she is open to another fight with Harrison but wants similar compensation.

Harrison understands these demands, so there is no animosity, even if they never fight again. In the end, Harrison’s journey is her journey, and Pacheco’s journey is hers, but Harrison would like to get her win back.


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