Michael Chiesa denies rumors of a rematch with Kevin Lee and warns against believing false claims

UFC fighter Michael Chiesa has disputed claims made by his fellow fighter Kevin Lee that he was refused a fight with Chiesa due to the spinal injury of originally scheduled opponent Li Jingliang.

Chiesa suggested that Lee’s claims were untruthful and made to remain relevant in the sport, rather than face the reality that Chiesa had not declined the fight. Chiesa also suggested that the fighters might well have been managed by the same management company, Ali Abdelaziz, which could have led to Lee’s proposition to step in.

Chiesa did not think that Lee’s pursuit of a rematch with him was the right route for Lee’s title ambitions, despite acknowledging that Lee had fought many helpful opponents in his UFC career.

Chiesa also pointed to Lee’s departure from the UFC last year and subsequent one-fight contract with Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Eagle FC promotion before re-joining the UFC as a possible factor in Lee’s present need to remain visible in the sport.

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