Pettis stunned by notion of defeating Roy Jones Jr.

Anthony Pettis is still in a state of amazement with what he accomplished this past weekend. In the main event of Gamebred Boxing 4, Pettis secured a majority decision victory over boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. Despite Roy Jones Jr.’s advanced age, he remains one of the greatest boxers of all time, and Anthony is still basking in the joy of his triumph a few days after the monumental win.

“It’s simply unimaginable,” Pettis stated “Even after the fight, I was surprised, thinking it’s really Roy Jones. I grew up watching this guy’s bouts. His achievements in the field are astounding, so it’s quite unbelievable to even utter his name. It’s insane.

“I knew boxing would be my next sport before I called it quits in my fighting career, and the opportunity presented itself. It was at a higher weight class, and I was already bulking up for welterweight at the time. So, when the chance was presented, I thought, ‘I’m not fighting a guy who is bigger than me, and I have a game plan in mind.’ My coach, Jorge Capetillo, devised a sound plan that worked. He said, ‘We’re not going to knock him out. He fought Mike Tyson. Rather, we’re going to out-point him, try to keep him on his heels, because he’s a potential threat when moving forward.’ We had an excellent plan that worked exceptionally well.”

The victory was essential for Pettis, who has struggled in recent years. After deciding to depart from the UFC in 2021 and explore free agency while focusing on other businesses, Pettis eventually signed with the PFL, where he has struggled to excel. Pettis was unable to advance to the 2021 lightweight playoffs and was defeated in the 2022 lightweight semifinals.

Overall, Pettis has a record of one victory and four losses in the PFL, but his most recent victory has opened up new possibilities for the former UFC lightweight champion.

Pettis stated, “I’m surprised everything turned out this way. Boxing wasn’t a part of my plan. Instead, I was focused on building the fight show, my management company and starting from scratch. It’s incredible to witness the company’s growth and its ability to attract top-notch competitors. Then this boxing opportunity was something that couldn’t be declined. I was searching for a fight, and then they


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