According to Glover Teixeira, Israel Adesanya won’t alter his approach for UFC 287 because wrestling isn’t his forte

The upcoming UFC 287 match between Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya has been highly anticipated due to their past history. Pereira claimed the UFC middleweight title in November by knocking out Adesanya, and now the two rivals will face each other in an immediate rematch.

Although it is difficult to have multiple fights in the UFC, Pereira’s friend and teammate Glover Teixeira believes it is possible that the two may meet again in the future, regardless of the outcome.

Teixeira explains that there have been boxers in the past who have fought each other many times in different sports, including kickboxing. He emphasizes that any future fights between the two would be three fights in the UFC rather than five, as their previous kickboxing bouts have no relevancy in MMA.

Teixeira actively supports Pereira in practice, but emphasizes that he does not consider himself Pereira’s coach. He believes that neither fighter will make significant changes to their skill set for the rematch due to the inherent difficulty in doing so.

Adesanya is known for his speed and angles, and may try to enhance these tactics, while Pereira will focus on the techniques that worked for him in their last fight. Although Adesanya was able to take Pereira down in the previous fight with a berimbolo, Teixeira believes this strategy is not ideal for Adesanya due to his lack of wrestling skills.

Overall, Teixeira believes that the rematch will be a close and exciting match between two skilled fighters.


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