Raul Rosas Jr. calls out critical rivals and urges them to learn from him to secure a spot on the PPV main card

Raul Rosas Jr. may only be 18 years old and have just one fight under his belt in the UFC, but he’s already proving to be a seasoned trash-talker. Despite criticism he’s faced about being given a high-profile opportunity on the UFC 287 pay-per-view main card over ranked fighters and veterans with more experience, Rosas fired back at media day by saying that they should take notes and learn some things from him if they want to be on the pay-per-view main card.

While Rosas didn’t specifically name anyone, he stated that being a superstar doesn’t come with a blueprint, otherwise the UFC would be filled with fighters who draw huge numbers on pay-per-view every month.

Despite the attention he’s receiving due to his age, Rosas is not surprised by his quick success and attributes it to the hard work he’s put in. He considers himself a pay-per-view fighter and a performer who can get the crowd hyped up for the rest of the card. While he’s still getting used to the fame that comes with his success, Rosas says everything has been exactly how he planned and visualized it.

Rosas’s upcoming fight against Christian Rodriguez has seen similar statements from his opponent about his skill set and whether all of this is happening too soon for him. But these statements don’t bother Rosas, who plans to vanquish Rodriguez just as easily as his last opponent. He believes he’s levels above his opponents and is already eyeing a future where he’s knocking on the door to title contention.

Rosas ideally wants to fight four times in 2023 and has no intention of wasting time as he chases his goal of becoming the UFC champion. While he doesn’t want to call his shot just yet, he can already see himself winning at least another three fights this year and fighting in the top 15 after that.


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