Larissa Pacheco claims that many individuals approached her with requests for money following her victory over Kayla Harrison, which earned her $1 million

Larissa Pacheco’s life underwent a significant transformation after she earned the title of 2022 PFL featherweight champion by defeating Kayla Harrison and becoming a millionaire. According to Troca Franca, Pacheco had to brace herself mentally for the challenges that come with being a champion. Some of these challenges include navigating new friendships and encountering family members and acquaintances who show up looking for financial assistance.

Pacheco, who grew up in poverty, remarked that this was not an uncommon experience for individuals who come into a large sum of money, especially those from similar backgrounds. Despite this, Pacheco remains grounded, having experienced highs and lows before.

Pacheco purchased a new apartment, a Honda Civic, and a car for her wife, as well as paying off previous debts. Her financial stability has also given her peace of mind, allowing her to focus entirely on her training without any outstanding debts.

Pacheco is looking forward to defending her title against veteran fighter Julia Budd at PFL 2 in Las Vegas. Budd has an impressive record, having defeated Germaine de Randamie and Marloes Coenen in her pre-PFL career.

Marloes’ Coenenrecord isn’t faultless, though, having lost to Cris Cyborg, Ronda Rousey, and Amanda Nunes in the past. Her performance in the PFL has been mixed, winning a match against Kaitlin Young before losing decisions to Genah Fabian and Aspen Ladd.

Pacheco is determined to be aggressive and violent in the ring and embody another persona entirely, letting out all the resentment in her heart. Her focus is sharp, and she is ready to rise to the challenge and defend her title.

In conclusion, Pacheco is a skilled and experienced fighter who has overcome many challenges in her life. Despite her newfound millionaire status, she remains grounded and is looking forward to defending her title against Julia Budd. She is a credit to the sport and an inspiration to many.


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