UFC veteran Michael Bisping advises Francis Ngannou to return to UFC for his best chance at success

According to BKFC President David Feldman, Francis Ngannou’s asking price was deemed ‘unrealistic’ by the company in a pre-fight press conference for BKFC 41. This has left many in the combat sports community worrying that Ngannou has priced himself out of other options after failing to reach a deal with the UFC.

Although the PFL might seem like a viable alternative, former UFC heavyweight champion Michael Bisping believes Ngannou would never join the league’s season, saying that it cannot afford him. Bisping believes that Ngannou’s best bet is to compromise on his asking price and return to the UFC, although many doubt this is possible after he reportedly turned down one of the biggest UFC contracts ever offered.

Ngannou’s desire to have his pro boxing debut before returning to MMA has yet to result in anything fruitful, and with the new champion Jones set to fight Stipe Miocic in early July, time may be running out for “The Predator.”


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