Will Alex Pereira maintain his unbeaten record against Israel Adesanya in their fourth match-up?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is returning with another pay-per-view event – UFC 287 – headlined by the middleweight title rematch between Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya, marking their fourth fight in total. This bout is highly anticipated and could potentially be the most exciting fight yet. Let’s examine this prominent fight, along with other top bets for UFC 287.

Jorge Masvidal (+360): Despite his age of 38 which many consider to be disadvantageous, Masvidal is still capable of giving a good fight. Burns, his current opponent, is given a large number, which doesn’t make sense since the former tends to be a good defensive fighter and a wrestler.

If this fight is fought entirely on the feet, Masvidal has an important chance of delivering some of the sharper shots. Due to the fact that Masvidal is likely to have many home supporters, the odds seem better for him than what they seem actually.

Chase Sherman (+320): Although Sherman has had negative outcomes in recent fights, there is still hope for his chances of winning this one. Williams, his opponent, is favored a little too heavily considering his sizeable lead in wrestling. However, Williams became tired in his previous fight, and even though Sherman is seen as not a great defensive wrestler, he’s quite known for having decent endurance.

If Williams manages to take the fight down early, there is a chance that later Sherman’s resilience will pose a significant threat to his opponent.

Israel Adesanya by KO/TKO/DQ (+300): Adesanya is coming back to fight Pereira after a previous fight where he lost last time. This time, however, he has learned his lesson, and is expected to step inside the ring with a more aggressive mindset. Although Pereira can still pose a severe challenge to Adesanya, he has displayed struggles when caught under pressure. Therefore, betting on Adesanya to win wouldn’t be the worst idea.

Adrian Yanez by Decision (+275): Fans are looking forward to this bout between Yanez and Font, as both fighters are known for their durability and boxing prowess. Font has the lead in this department, having faced a lot of impressive opponents. But lately, he’s not been in the best form and is susceptible to getting hurt in fights.


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