Jake Paul anticipates taking part in his first PFL MMA fight within a specified schedule

Renowned for his background in boxing and wrestling, Jake Paul appears determined to further complement his combat sports skillset before making his long-awaited Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) debut. Speaking during PFL 2’s broadcast, the tournament-based promotion where he signed as a future fighter, Paul disclosed his plans to compete in the cage.

Paul suggested that supporters would have to exercise patience until at least the end of 2023 or possibly the beginning of 2024 before bearing witness to his debut. Nonetheless, Paul evidently demonstrated much enthusiasm, explaining that he had honed his skills in jiu-jitsu and wrestling, thanks to his upbringing wrestling in Ohio under Division I.

Nonetheless, his attention is now firmly on equipping himself with more knowledge of kicks. In his own words, he said, “So I need about a year or so, and then I’m gonna be ready, and I’m excited to be doing it with the PFL. And hopefully, we can lock down a big name, because I want to challenge myself. People think I’m crazy, which I am, but I like doing things differently.”

Evidently, Paul is keen on doing things uniquely by venturing into MMA, an area he has longed to participate in since commencing his venture in influencer boxing. Meanwhile, the news of his latest sporting move to MMA comes on the heels of his seventh professional boxing match against rival Tommy Fury.

Although he lost via a split decision, he retained the right to an immediate rematch, which he anticipates. However, in a conversation with PFL broadcaster Sean O’Connell, he disclosed that he is contemplating several options for his next return to the ring, foreseeing a whopping fight and already communicating with multiple groups.

Paul is quite the catch for the PFL as he becomes the latest big acquisition and the first fighter to retain an equity stake in the promotion. In 2020, women’s boxing champion Claressa Shields also signed with them but just participated in two non-tournament bouts before heading back to the squared circle. Similarly, Biaggio Ali Walsh, the grandson of Muhammad Ali, earned his third amateur win with a first-round rout during the event.

Before signing with the PFL, Paul challenged Nate Diaz, a free agent who fought for the UFC, but Diaz’s hunger fizzled out after losing to Fury. However, the seasoned fighter is expected to champion the MMA grapevine with much more news in the


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