Jorge Masvidal feels that his UFC 287 victory has made him eligible for a title match due to his and Leon’s capability to draw in viewership

Jorge Masvidal is eager to compete in the first UFC event held in Miami in two decades. UFC 287 will feature the co-main event in which Masvidal will participate. This match has a significant meaning for Masvidal, who entered a UFC event live in Miami 20 years ago, commemorating his first live event ever.

Masvidal stated that he was about to turn 18, and he arrived at the event having an idea of the lifestyle that was necessary to participate in such competitions. He described his passion for the sport, having dissected fighters since the ages of 11 and 12. After comprehending the techniques and the speed of the sportspeople, he decided to pursue the sport himself and bring it back to Miami one day.

Masvidal sees UFC 287 as a matching moment for him as he is considered the city’s chosen son because of his background. Masvidal’s career is not without challenges, and despite his experience, he faces significant competition from Gilbert Burns. Masvidal has lost three times in a row in his fights, a feat that makes him the biggest underdog on the fight card for Saturday.

Masvidal is aware of the underdog status, but he holds the belief that he will please the Miami crowd by delivering an outstanding performance. He anticipates matching Gilbert’s style, and with 50 wins in his career, he is confident in his ability to turn the fight in his favor.

Although Masvidal has suffered several injuries throughout his extensive career, he chooses not to complain about them publicly. Instead, he keeps them to himself and puts the focus on his upcoming fight on Saturday.

Winning would be a significant milestone for Masvidal, and he is determined to stand out even if he is not first in line for the title shot he wants. Masvidal has had an ongoing rivalry with Leon Edwards, the welterweight champion, but Dana White has already announced that Colby Covington is the next person to challenge for the 170-pound title.

Masvidal believes that he is still the biggest fight for Edwards, and that should be enough to get him the match he wants. He is convinced that his fights are entertaining, and he always strives to be a showstopper, reminding fighters that fans pay to forget their troubles and be entertained.

Masvidal is confident that he will deliver one of the most memorable matchups in UFC history on Saturday, even though he is the biggest underdog


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