Gilbert Burns has alleged that Jorge Masvidal was greasing during their UFC 287 fight, stating that Masvidal was “very slick”

Gilbert Burns is not upset after his fight at UFC 287 and believes that he would have won by finish if he could have kept a hold of Jorge Masvidal. Burns defeated Masvidal both in striking and grappling over three rounds but couldn’t secure a submission against him. Despite this, Burns was content with the fight and his performance.

Burns had several successful takedown attempts against Masvidal, finishing each one which is a feat that even high-level wrestlers have struggled with. Burns believes he showed a lot of progress, and Masvidal was a tough opponent to beat due to his slippery skin.

Burns believes that Masvidal had used a trick by applying lotion to his skin, which would have made him slippery only after they had started sweating. Burns believes that Masvidal had been deceptive by applying lotion to his body before the fight in sections which are easily covered by shorts and gloves, among others.

Burns still believes he could have finished Masvidal during the fight, he saw several openings and positions on the ground but was unable to capitalize on them. Regardless, Burns has now claimed that he is ready for a title fight and ready to back up the Edwards and Covington fight.

If the UFC needs a backup, Burns has now demanded that he would be the one because he is determined if they ask him to fight for the title. He is confident his skills will bring him MMA gold, and if not, then he may consider alternatives.


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