Israel Adesanya clarifies his ‘immature’ UFC 287 victory dance directed at Alex Pereira’s child

Israel Adesanya never forgets a slight and always remembers to keep the receipts, as was evidenced by his rematch with Alex Pereira in the UFC 287 main event. Pereira had previously won three times against Adesanya in combat sports, with two of those victories occurring in the kickboxing ring. However, Adesanya turned the tables and scored a second-round knockout against Pereira to win the UFC middleweight championship.

Adesanya celebrated his victory by imitating Pereira’s archery skills and performing an exaggerated flop to the mat. He explained during the post-fight press conference that he was only returning the favor to Pereira’s son, who had done the same thing to Adesanya after Pereira knocked him out in a previous bout in 2017.

Adesanya admitted he was petty and remembered the slight, as he pointed out Pereira’s son and reminded him of the event. Despite his theatrics, Adesanya maintained a respectful attitude towards Pereira, calling him a warrior and a great champion.

Adesanya is known for his pre- and post-fight antics, including choreographed dances and WWE-inspired celebrations. In response to the possibility of Pereira’s son seeking revenge in the future, Adesanya joked that he was ready and willing to brawl if needed. The rivalry between Adesanya and Pereira may continue to linger, but for now, Adesanya emerged as the victor and solidified his place in UFC history.


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